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Bowman Split Bearings is a division of multinational bearings and components innovator, Bowman International. Based in England, UK, we specialise in split roller bearing technologies that improve performance, promote uptime, and reduce the impact of bearing maintenance for a broad industry base.

Combined skill for a performance-engineered product portfolio
As part of Bowman International, the Split Bearings division is able to draw on a wealth of expertise and inhouse testing, prototyping and manufacturing provision to innovate products that are unrivalled in today’s marketplace.

Our Advanced, SN/SD/SAF and Enhanced split roller bearings all contain patented 3D printed cages and seals thanks to our sister division, Bowman 3D. This collaborative approach allows us to create product solutions that meet real industry challenges, in ways our competitors cannot.

You can learn more about our sister divisions, here

Consultative expertise 
We pride ourselves in offering consultative expertise as standard, to assist new and existing customers in specifying, installing, and maintaining split roller bearing products in a way that optimises performance and reduces downtime.